The Siege of Rane has left an undying disdain of the Mystmountain tribes and their people among the populance of Ravenstern. Thus, the nobility are quick to shun and humiliate anyone found to be of Mystmountain heritage, including their own. These rejected nobles now wander around the highlands, preying on helpless parties just to maintain a sense of nobility while foraging for survival. The rogue knights of Ravenstern are mildly similar to their legitimate counterparts, except for a penchant for bow and arrow, a trait found only among mounted rangers and mystmountain warriors. Perhaps their exile is not unfounded, given such a case coupled with the sellsword highlanders found wandering amongst them...

Stats, Proficiencies and Skills Edit

Lvl 35 Str 21 Int 9
Agi 15 Cha 12
1-hand 300
2-hand 300
Polearm 300
Archery 300
Ironflesh 7 Riding 5
Power strike 6 Horse Archery 7
Power draw 6 Tactics 6
Shield 5 Leadership 3
Athletics 6

Equipment Edit

*Ranged weapons not guaranteed

Melee wpn Ranged wpn Sub wpn Helm Torso Glove Feet Mount Loot
Sword Short Composite Bow* Heater Shield 'Gold Lion on Blue Field' Molded Great Helm Surcoat 'Blue Rampant Lion' Leather Gloves Iron Greaves War Horse Gold Bar
Spear Heater Shield 'White Fleurs on Blue Field' Hounskull Bascinet Knight Surcoat 'Blue on Blue' Gauntlets Mail Boots Hunter Various Loot
Ravenstern Sword Heater Shield 'White Fleurs on Blue' Rounded Bascinet Coat of Plates 'Blue' Darksteel Hunter
Ravenstern Battle Axe Heater Shield 'Quartered Blue and Red' Closed Face Sallet Knight Surcoat 'Blue' Blue Caparisoned Hunter
Lance Heater Shield 'White and Blue' Faceplate Ravenstern Kierguard Plate Charger
Morningstar Heater Shield 'Gold Crosses on Blue Field' Gold Plated Great Helm Old Pendor Heavy Plate Harness Blue Leather Draped Warhorse
Knight War Axe Kite Shield 'White Crosses on Blue FIeld' Salade Old Pendor Heavy Plate Armor
Great Sword Kite Shield 'White Lion on Blue FIeld' Full Plate Armor
Long Cavalry Lance Kite Shield 'Red and Gold' Royal Platemail
Heavy Lance Arrows*
Ebony Dueling Sword
Ebony Arming Sword

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