These rangers hold the title for being one of the most fearsome archers in Pendor. Though the D'Shar Ghazi Marksman has better weaponry and similar skill, the cold in the North have made the archers of Ravenstern very hardy, and they are no pushovers. They are feared by their enemies, and it is justified. Their Long Composite Bow allows them to drop a hail of missiles that will puncture through both shield and armor almost at will. Their accuracy is almost unmatched. Battle reports have stated that many cavalry charges have faltered under the volleys of bodkin arrows loosed by these rangers.

Despite their legendary archery skills, survivors against these rangers have attested that their combat skills in close quarters are the polar opposite of their archery skills. This is a hard cold fact for the Ravenstern Rangers as their mail kilt is good for protecting the wearer from the cold but not from cold steel. Armed with either a Ravenstern Great Sword or a sword and a shield, they fare poorly against cavalry, shock and heavy infantry, although those rangers with great swords can pack quite a wallop at close range. The only time you can guarantee victory in close quarter with your rangers is only if you pit them against militias and third-tier troops. Best bet is to keep your rangers behind a shield wall of infantry and try to avoid pitting your rangers with enemy infantry in close quarter.

This troop is upgraded from Ravenstern Warden for 80 d and upgrades no more.