Ravenstern Man At Arms

The primary source of Ravensterns footmen, they can be found in large numbers in most Ravenstern infantry lines. They have a good variety of weapons including the one handed war axes, two handed battle axes, Ravenstern swords,longswords and the blunt steel polehammer. They don the heraldic cuir bouilli and mail surcoats which provide them with adequate armor protection whilst the troops wielding one-handed weapons are given a heavy round shield to complement their arsenal. They can hold their ground against most foes around their level but are no match for top-tier units and heavy cavalry take them out rather easily. For their full potential to be reached they should be upgraded into Kierguards.

This troop upgrades from Ravenstern Footman for 40 d and upgrades into Ravenstern Kierguard or Ravenstern Horseman for 80 d.

This troop can be inducted to become a Dragon Drake.

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