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6 R Kierguard
The Kierguards are among the best infantry the Ravenstern kingdom can field. The Kierguards, like all Ravenstern troops, wear thier armor with a kilt to cover their legs as a protective measure from the cold of their mountainous homeland. Armed with knight war axes and ravenstern longswords, they can smash shields almost as well as huscarls and cut a bloody swathe through lighter infantry. Bearing a recognizable round dragon shield usually seen only in the hands of  mercenary highlanders, along with their kilt and helmet, they are rather easy to pick out of a crowd of ravenstern troops.

Overall they are essentially a jack-of-all-trades in terms of raw ability for an infantry elite. While they lack a ranged weapon like the Empire Legionaires, they attack slightly faster than them and often have axes which are far better suited to smashing shields than the legionaires' broadswords; however they don't have a Fierdsvain Huscarl's sheer staying power and may not always have axes like them; this can leave them somewhat wanting when they have to face a shieldwall, and while they are most assuredly not as fast as D'Shar Blademasters, Keirguards are somewhat more durable as thier armor provides better protection. They are also one of the cheaper elite infantry forces and make a solid core for any Ravenstern army's infantry component, but unless one is fielding an all-ravenstern force, other units would be better choices, though if one can't reliably get to those units for whatever reason then you could do worse than the stalwart Kierguard.

Should a Ravenstern soldier survive long enough to join the ranks of the Kierguard, they can be inducted into the Order of the Dragon as a Dragon Drake, becoming an absolute monster against most lighter infantry. 

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