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Ravenstern City

The city of Ravenstern is the capital city of the Kingdom of Ravenstern. It is originally controlled by King Gregory IV. It is located towards the northeast corner of the map on the coast of the river.


The main exports of Ravenstern are Wool Cloth, Bread, Oil, Leatherworks, Hides, Oil, Wool, Iron, Fur, and Salt.

Surrounding LandsEdit

The city controls three villages: Sheastrom just to the south-west, Shapeshte far to the north-west on the edge of the river, and Orin across the lake to the east.

The city is on the edge of the Kingdom of Ravenstern border with Falcondark Castle to the south on the coast, Mysthorn Keep to the north-west, Stoutheart Castle to the north, Dagon Castle far to the west, and the lake just to the south-east. Because of this it is easily accessible from the south.


Ravenstern Guildmaster
The Guildmaster's name is Squire Venton. He is located standing on the porch of a house in front of the gates to the castle, across from the weapon merchant. To get there, enter through the city gates and take a right. Then follow the street and take a left when the street splits. The porch will be on the player's right side.

People of InterestEdit

  • Seneschal Borgan - Steward of the castle, found inside the castle.
    Seneschal Borgan

    Seneschal Borgan inside the castle.

  • Merchant of Ravenstern - Found inside the tavern if the player began the game at Ravenstern.
  • George Stienbreaker - Tavern Keeper.
  • Marnid - Horse Merchant, found to the right of the city gates.
  • Halmond six Fingers - Armor Merchant, found on the right side of the street after going past Marnid.
  • Xena the Cook - Arms Merchant, found outside of the castle gates on the left side across from the Guildmaster.
    Merchant of Ravenstern

    Merchant of Ravenstern.

  • Torgan - Goods Merchant, found in his store on the right hand side of the street to the right of the tavern.
  • Poldar - Arena Master, found on the platform overlooking the arena. The arena is located right next to Torgan's store.
George Stienbreaker

George Stienbreaker.



Halmond six Fingers

Halmond six Fingers

Xena the Cook

Xena the Cook.


Torgan inside his store.


Poldar overlooking the arena.

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