Raven Merc

The Raven Spear Knights employ medium non-noble Raven Spear Mercenaries to aid the nobles in their duty. Decked in breastplates and blue tabards, they ride alongside the heavily armored Raven Spear Knights on hunters, protecting the scholars of Poinsburk.

They wield spears and military picks, weapons extremely effective against armored foes due to their piercing damage. They make up the sorely needed medium cavalry force that the Raven Spear Knights lack, and as such, they are much more effective in employing hit-and-run skirmishes and chasing down fleeing soldiers. Once dehorsed however, they become much less threatening compared to a proper Raven Spear knight, as they lack the heavy armor to keep them safe in battle and units such as Pendor Swordsmen and Barclay Heavy Footmen can easily tear them to shreds when they are 'liberated' of their steeds, and often even before that if the  terrain works against their hunters. Being mercenaries, they are trained from the cream of the mercenary crop, the Sellsword Horseman.

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