Rane is a Ravenstern city sitting at the north edge of the map, deep in the middle of the Ravenstern's starting territory. It is originally the seat of power of Duke Alexis.

Its villages are Elktrin, Dugan and Fisdnar.

Rane is the home of the Order of the Dragon, so there will always be a chapter at the start in this city. The Order of the Dragon was created to honor the noble warriors who stood and routed the armies of the Mystmountain tribes during the siege of Rane. 

Rane Chest

The chest is hidden in this pile of straw.

Chest Edit

The chest held inside can be claimed if you capture and get for yourself this city. It contains nothing. It also has a hidden chest containing a Qualis Gem (and will be refilled (with other random items) after hearing the rumors by the tavern travelers).

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