Queen Agnus Freebooter

Non-noble Battle Sisters of Fierdsvain Edit

These hardy women are proof that the Vanskerries and their cousins, the Fierdsvain, are one of the most determined races to live in Pendor, since they are easily as strong in combat as their warrior brothers. The Freebooters are female warriors in the service of the Fierdsvain only, since they do not show up among the Vanskerry raiding parties, despite being similarly armed to them.

They have a trait shared among the Vanskerry units in-game, that they are assigned as missile units. So watch out for flying axes and javelins when your warband charges into a Fierdsvain skirmish line.

This is a lord-only unit, appearing in the armies of notable Fierdsvain lords in the same vein as the Valdis Huscarls of Koningur Valdis.

They can be recruited via Red Brotherhood opportunities, where the agent will mention some of his charges referring to themselves as Freebooters.

May show up on a Darksteel Hunter, unlike Vanskerry Warriors who are guaranteed these mounts.

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