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This is a community-led Wiki for information about the Mount & Blade: Warband mod Prophesy of Pendor. The current version is 3.8.4. This wiki covers all aspects of the mod, including but not limited to: units, companions, equipment and factions.

The wikia is open for non-registered users, that can contribute and comment freely, but only registered users can edit their comments and get achievements.

Download the mod here - Moddb/Nexus/Steam/Kirmizi

Mount and Blade Warband v1.168 or higher is required to play the mod.

Starters Guide

Table of Contents


Patch Notes



Morgh's Editor

Major Factions

Minor Factions





Knighthood Orders

Gameplay Guides and Tips


Notable Locations

Latest activity

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    Summary: created new poll + a couple of link fixes
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    Summary: added new crossbows, added design, cleaned the page and added link to bolts page
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    Summary: v small fixes
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  • new page Bolts
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    New page: Bolts Edit Bolts are the ammunition for crossbows. Each kind of bolt has a damage bonus/penalty and a set amount per stack of bolts. List of Bolts...
    Summary: created the page. added all the old bolts plus the 3 new ones in 3.8.0, added design
  • discussion page Talk:Bows
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    Comment: They were both in the same page, but i did separate them to avoid a huge ass page and easier to find it when you search it in the top. I'll fix it in...
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    Comment: you come to here when click on "arrows" on front page
  • new page Melitine Horseman Bow
    created by Ralyks 14 hours ago
    New page: Very rare to see Bow with the typical red color that characterizes the Melitine Empire. The bow offers acceptable damage, accuracy and range, whilst...
    Summary: created the page
    Added photos:
  • discussion page Talk:Starters Guide
    new comment by A Fandom user 1 day ago
    Comment: Thank you for the guide! Enjoyed reading it very much. I just started playing PoP3 and I love it! I just wished the creators used the adjective form...
  • categorization Melitine Horseman Arrows
    edited by Ralyks 1 day ago diff
    Added categories: Arrows, Ammunitions, Melitine

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