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This is a community-led Wiki for information about the Mount & Blade: Warband mod Prophesy of Pendor. The current version is 3.8.4. This wikia covers all aspects of the mod, including but not limited to: units, companions, equipment and factions.

The wikia is open for non-registered users, that can contribute and comment freely, but only registered users can edit their comments and get achievements.

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Download the mod here - Moddb/Nexus/Steam/Kirmizi

Mount and Blade Warband v1.168 or higher is required to play the mod.

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  • edit Prophesy of Pendor 3 Wiki
    edited by Ralyks 1 second ago diff
    Summary: Added a link to recent activity, as I realized from my phone that it doesn't appear in the top if you're not registered
  • discussion page Talk:Morale
    new comment by Ralyks 3 minutes ago
    Comment: I doubt that was coded, but I may be wrong, ask that in the TW forum, I can't do much from my phone sry
  • discussion page Talk:Gods Of Pendor
    new comment by Ralyks 1 hour ago
    Comment: Hehe, its way harder coding it than saying it.  They need to be special scenarios, like the ones in ACOK or AWOIAF, but the lack of a real coder for...
  • discussion page Talk:Elacrai
    new comment by Ralyks 1 hour ago
    Comment: You mean the siege? It is posible, there are some videos in YouTube doing this, mostly with OP CKO.  The reward is too small for all that you lose to...
  • discussion page Talk:Morale
    new comment by A FANDOM user 1 hour ago
    Comment: Do minor factions and KHO units have morale benefits/penalties for having high/low relatiobship with them? Or does simply only apply to 5-6 kingdoms...
  • discussion page Talk:The Merchant
    new comment by Ralyks 1 hour ago
    Comment: If you or some other could change the info on this page to how it is now, itll be welcomed. Else, if i remember, when I'm back, I'll do it myself
  • discussion page Talk:The Merchant
    new comment by Ralyks 1 hour ago
    Comment: Changed for 3.8, made an optional quest. It will be in the tavern of the city where the player spawned for a couple of days, the player can take the...
  • discussion page Talk:Knighthood Orders
    new comment by Ralyks 1 hour ago
    Comment: This was solved for 3.9 For the time being, they are ordered by price, if some item doesn't appear its because it's value its one of the lowest or...
  • discussion page Talk:Poll 8
    new comment by Ralyks 2 hours ago
    Comment: Books are a fast way now, each gives 10 relation points and there's up to 3 of them, so that's 30 points!  Autoresolve against them will not be a...
  • discussion page Talk:Character Creation
    new comment by Ralyks 2 hours ago
    Comment: Relates you heavily with the kingdom of pendor and their legacy order, the griffons. The kingdom of pendor was one united Kingdom that was split into...

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