This is a community-led Wiki for information about the Mount & Blade: Warband mod Prophesy of Pendor. The current version is 3.9.1. Mount and Blade Warband v1.173 is recommended to play the mod.

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  • discussion page Talk:Qualis Gem
    new comment by A FANDOM user 4 hours ago
    Comment: The loot tables don't refresh on reloadin this game, I' *think*. Sorry for necro
  • discussion page Talk:3.9.2 Changelog
    new comment by Dachy 4 hours ago
    Comment: As I know it is in testing stage. Nothing will be added from now on, 2 new items should be gun and bullet.
  • discussion page Talk:3.9.2 Changelog
    new comment by A FANDOM user 4 hours ago
    Comment: Man i cant wait for it to be released . Are you planing on adding more feauters or you are near ending it and testing it?
  • discussion page Talk:3.9.2 Changelog
    new comment by Histidine 4 hours ago
    Comment: Well, started taking some OpenBRF images for the armor page. Can't say if I'll ever actually finish, but if I do I'll upload the images to the wiki.
  • discussion page Talk:Right to rule
    new comment by A FANDOM user 4 hours ago
    Comment: I mean I sent the objector for rtr after the first one came back. I guess the "problem" is that I can send the objector for rtr even after he...
  • discussion page Wiki CSS
    comment by Ralyks 6 hours ago


    Ah, I see. Sorry, not sure what you mean by green overlay? The CSS is supposed to make the table in my sandbox ([ 



    I was speaking about this But after having a look at both css, you didnt make it, its something from the fan... 

  • discussion page Talk:Character Creation
    new comment by Histidine 7 hours ago
    Comment: IMO it's not just the width the base column takes up (it is indeed little, but I don't think we can spare any) but also the fact that it adds lots of...
  • edit User:Histidine/Sandbox
    edited by Histidine 7 hours ago diff
    Edited the section: Character creation
    Summary: Try some stuff
  • discussion page Talk:Victory Requirements
    new comment by Ralyks 9 hours ago
    Comment: The latter So you can keep preparing for the hardest feat in PoP, the Elacrai siege
  • discussion page Talk:Victory Requirements
    new comment by A FANDOM user 9 hours ago
    Comment: Um, out of curiosity, what actually happens when you 'beat' the game? Does it just... end? Or can you continue to just run around a bit in the world?