Pendor Map

Minimap of Pendor, small dots being villages, bigger ones castles and squares town. This minimap also shows the boundaries that show which village belongs to which castle/town.

The land of Pendor is a vast, ever changing world of many cultures, kingdoms, beliefs and environments. From the frozen wilderness of Ravenstern to the arid steppes of the D'Shar Principalities, Pendor is littered with the settlements of those that call this land home, from the grand cities of Sarleon and the Empire to the nomadic, makeshift yurts of the D'Shar tribes.
Pendor View

View of Pendor from the highest mountain in the North

Away from plain sight and the settlements of Pendor however, lies many a far different habitats. The lairs of bandits, thieves and outlaws lie scattered throughout the forests and caves of the land, vile cults of Heretics and Snake Cult worshipers make their insidious temples and altars in the dark places of the world, and many a long lost secret, such as the legendary Hidden Mines of Al-Aziz, await those brave enough to seek them out.

Listed here you will find the most important of Pendor's settlements, their locations, economies, rulers and peoples of interest, as well as a few other locations that lie scattered and hidden around the land of Pendor.

The Kingdom of Sarleon

Minor factions within their territory: Heretics and Forest Bandits.

Kingdom of Sarleon

The Kingdom of Ravenstern

Minor faction within their territory: Mystmountains from the mountains at the top, and sometimes Jatu from the east.

Kingdom of Ravenstern

The Fierdsvain

Minor faction within their territory: Vanskerries from the west, coming from the sea.


The Baccus Empire

Minor factions within their territory: Snake Cult and occasional Noldor patrols coming from the northeast forest.


The D'Shar Principalities

Minor factions within their territory: Singalians (but they are in peace with these), Inquisition and D'Shar Raiders.

D'Shar Principalities-0

Secret Locations