Possessed Doomguide2

These are the undead version of Doomguide. They have equipped the exact same equipment, both armor and weapons wise. But after becoming possessed by the Seers, they benefit from increased HP, this makes up this unit be even stronger than its D'Shar counterpart.

Three Seers Patrol

Equipped with the long range Darkwood Bow with Darkwood Arrows and a Doom mace these units are to be feared in the battlefield. Their high HP with their strong Doomguide Leather makes them very resistant. They are the ones leading all the three seers patrols.

When defeated, the player may loot from them Noldor Trade Goods, Gold bars and Heretic Writings.

They only appear leading the Three Seers Patrols. These patrols are made of:

Possessed Doomguide

A possessed doomguide charging.

Advanced players welcome the spawn of The Three Seers as they do occasionally spawn these patrols nearby. These are the main source of Seer Favorites, that can be captured and added to the players party. They are very valuable due their high potential when fully upgraded.

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