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Primary Troop TreeEdit

0th Tier Farmer Militia Recruit Refugee
1st Tier

Pendor Recruit

2nd Tier Pendor Militia Pendor Light Bowman
3rd Tier Pendor Footman Pendor Heavy Bowman
4th Tier Pendor Swordsman Pendor Spearman Pendor Armored Bowman
5th Tier Pendor Cavalry Pendor Man-at-Arms Pendor Light Lancer Pendor Heavy Spearman
6th Tier Pendor Mtd. Man-at-Arms Pendor Blademan Pendor Lancer
  • Pendor Recruits can only be recruited from your own fiefs. However, it is possible to recruit a number of Pendor units directly from fiefs; Militia, Footmen, Swordsmen, Men-at-Arms, Light Bowmen, and Heavy Bowmen have all been confirmed.
  • If you want Pendor troops in the early game, you will need to recruit Farmers, Militia Recruits or Refugees from rescued prisoner stacks.

Noble Troop TreeEdit

1st Noble Tier Pendor Nobleman
2nd Noble Tier Pendor Squire Pendor Noble Bowman
3rd Noble Tier Pendor Foot Knight Pendor Knight Pendor Black Archer

All 3rd Noble Tier Pendor units may be upgraded further if you meet special requirements:


As many players have noticed, top tier troops from Pendor's primary troop tree are not as high level nor do they have skills to match those of other faction's troops. This is not because they are meant to be "weak", but rather because these Pendor troops were designed to be trained quickly and efficiently. The idea of it is that someone creating a new kingdom is going to face many hardships, both militarily and financially. These troops are quick and cheap, while still being fairly good. You could say that they are more "quantity over quality". They are excellent for quickly building armies and for garrisoning castles. That is in no way, however, a reflection on the noble troops. They are the exact opposite, being that they are very skilled and very expensive. Pendor's noble troop tree offers more options than any other, especially considering that there are eight different knighthood orders that the knights, foot knights, and black archers can upgrade into. Making use of both of these troop trees fulfils your army's need for quality and quantity. Further tactical analysis would allow an interpretation that they are generalist-type soldiers, being able to fight in almost any situation, however, their only weakness is how many you would need at a time.

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