Overview Edit

As many players have noticed, The Kingdom of Pendor has the biggest troop tree, this is a result of it being a "mega" kingdom, bigger and stronger than the the 5 main kingdoms. However, to balance this, their templates do lack some troops (Pendor Bladesman, Pendor Spearman, Pendor Heavy Spearman, Pendor Cavalry, Pendor Light Lancer, Pendor Lancer), they are considered on-par in strength with the other kingdoms.

Pendor noble troops are very skilled and very expensive. Pendor's noble troop tree offers more options than any other, especially considering that there are eight different knighthood orders that the knights, foot knights, and black archers can upgrade into. Making use of both of these troop trees fulfills your army's need for quality and quantity.

Further tactical analysis would allow an interpretation that they are generalist-type soldiers, being able to fight in almost any situation, however, their only weakness is how many you would need at a time.

Knighthood orders Edit

They are faction with the most Knighthood Orders attached to it. The only purely belonging to The Kingdom of Pendor is the Order of the Griffon, which are considered heavy cavalry but considered a lesser order.

They are the only kingdom to not have any Factional Order.

Reinforcements Edit

These are the recruiting patrons all lords and walled fiefs attached to the Pendor culture will follow (ordered by tier):

Commoners Edit

Nobles Edit

The actual number is based on player's level, being the first one (lowest) when the player is level 0 (starts level 1) and will increase until reaching the last one (highest) that is when player reaches level 22. The level check-in occurs every 3 days.

Troop trees Edit

Tier Name
1st Farmer Militia Recruit Refugee

Pendor Recruit

3rd Pendor Militia Pendor Light Bowman
4th Pendor Footman Pendor Heavy Bowman
5th Pendor Swordsman Pendor Spearman Pendor Armored Bowman
6th Pendor Cavalry Pendor Man-at-Arms Pendor Light Lancer Pendor Heavy Spearman
7th Pendor Mtd. Man-at-Arms Pendor Bladesman Pendor Lancer

If you want Pendor troops in the early game, you will need to recruit Farmers, Militia Recruits or Refugees from rescued prisoner stacks.
Pendor Man-at-Arms may be as well upgraded to Ebony Gauntlet Hammer and Silvermist Halberdier if you meet the special requirements.
Pendor Mtd. Man-at-Arms may be as well upgraded to Griffon Retainer.
Pendor Recruits can only be recruited from your own fiefs. However, it is possible to recruit a number of Pendor units directly from fiefs.


Tier Name
1st Pendor Nobleman
2nd Pendor Squire Pendor Noble Bowman
3rd Pendor Foot Knight Pendor Knight Pendor Black Archer
Nobles from Pendor cant be seen nor obtained until the player creates a Kingdom and picks Pendor for its culture.
Pendor Foot Knights may upgrade further to Knights of the Ebony Gauntlet if you meet the special requirements.
Pendor Knights may upgrade further to Knights of the Griffon, Knights of the Raven Spear, Knights of the Radiant Cross, Knights of the Dawn and Knights of Eventide if you meet the special requirements.

Pendor Black Archers may upgrade further to Silvermist Rangers if you meet the special requirements.

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