Pendor Spearman (profile)

The Pendor Spearman is the second unit branching from the Pendor Footman. Being dedicated shielded spearmen, not unlike the Empire Light Infantry, these soldiers provide cover for their two-handing compatriots while being a legitimate threat to enemy cavalry hoping to break a Pendorian formation. Like the Pendor Swordsman, they upgrade to a better infantryman or another cavalryman, providing more variety to the all-rounding army of Pendor.

This troop is upgraded from Pendor Footman for 40 d and upgrades into Pendor Light Lancer or Pendor Heavy Spearman for 80 d.

Stats, Proficiencies and Skills Edit

Lvl 20 Str 15 Int 6
Agi 12 Cha 6
Polearm 185
Ironflesh 5
Power Strike 4
Shield 3
Athletics 4

Equipment Edit

Melee wpn Sub wpn Helm Torso Glove Boots
War Spear Heater Shield Open Armet Black Mail and Plate Leather Gloves Leather Boots
Mail Mittens Iron Greaves

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