Pendor Recruit

These men have decided to fight for Pendor under their new king or queen and have left their homes to join them, taking the first step to becoming part of the Pendorian army. They have brought whatever weapons they could find at hand, usually a dagger hatchet, or club, and don a simple tabard and ankle boots as armour. These units should be upgraded as soon as possible to maximise their use in battle.

One cannot aquire these men without fighting for them early on in the game, as the refugees and farmers often dragged about by bandits and other lowlifes are the only early source of them. They can be obtained through friendly villages as long as you have chosen the Pendorian culture for your realm.

This troop is upgraded from Farmer, Militia Recruit and Refugee for 10 d and upgrades into Pendor Militia or Pendor Light Bowman for 10 d.

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