Pendor Lancer

Being one of the three top Pendorian units in the tree should be proof of combat capability, but not in this unit's case, at least when of foot. The Pendor Lancer is a medium cavalry unit devoted purely for shock purposes and nothing more. Mounted on hunters and wielding a long lance, these horsemen should always be on the move, since a lack of a sidearm makes them pathetic fighters when immobile, moreso when mounted.

In short, treat them in the same vein as Jatu horsemen, Pendor's original suicide lancers.

This unit is upgraded from Pendor Light Lancer for 80 d and upgrades no more.

Stats, Proficiencies and Skills Edit

Lvl 30 Str 18 Int 9
Agi 12 Cha 9
Polearm 275
Ironflesh 6
Power Strike 5
Shield 4
Athletics 5
Riding 5

Equipment Edit

Melee wpn Sub wpn Helm Torso Glove Feet Mount
Great Lance Horseman's Heater Shield Open Armet Heraldic Mail 'Tunic' Black Steel Mittens Mail Boots Black Caparisoned Hunter
Darksteel Hunter
Well-bred Hunter
Sarleon Hunter
Dun Hunter

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