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Pendor Knight

Fighting for the new king of Pendor, the Pendor Knights now don heavy plate armor and ride on the Dark Silver Warhorse or the Black Leather Draped Warhorse. Some are notably seen riding the Ironbred Charger

Wielding lances and claymores, they can easily combat almost any enemy. They can easily trample over infantry on their powerful steeds and are a match for heavy cavalry, using their lances and swords with skill and valor.

They are powerful foot soldiers in their own right as well, using their bastard swords to great effect. However, if forced to fight on foot, they are obviously a less powerful fighting force as compared to the Pendor Foot Knights, as they lack the more powerful two-handed swords like the great swords that are more powerful as compared to the bastard swords.

They do however make excellent defensive infantry. If sieging an enemy fortress, it is recommended to use foot knights instead, as they have more endurance and better weapons for assaulting a fortress. It is recommended that you use them heavily in open field battle, in which they will excel.

However, as compared to the Sarleon Knights, the Pendor Knights are slightly outmatched. Thus, one should upgrade them to Order Knights as soon as possible, provided that they have substantial prestige and denars. Though, if the Sarleon knight is dismounted, the Pendorian Knight still has a chance to hold it's own, provided the pikes are ways-away.

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