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Oswald de Fleur
runs a number of small adventuring companies, but when battle calls, he forms them all up into a single, powerful unit.

Oswalds barbarism is beyond that of a Rogue Knight or virtually any other being in Pendor. The world will be a better place without him, should you manage to defeat him.

Oswalds policy regarding prisoners is inhumane. He will divide his prisoners into three lines: children, women and men. First, he will kill the children. Next, while the women shriek and plead for the children's lives, Oswalds men will rape the women while the men curse and struggle helplessly. After they have slit the womens throats, the men will be tortured to death in 'creative' ways.

Oswald de Fleur can be captured. His adventuring company generally numbers 100-150 men, and consists of the following:

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