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The Order of the Silvermist Rangers are the greatest archers among men in all of Pendor. They use techniques learned from the Noldor themselves, the greatest archers of all, to gain an edge on accuracy, power, and speed alike with the bow. While they may be absolutely devastating in ranged combat, their melee abilities should not be disputed either.

Silvermist Rangers bear a grudge against the Order of the Ebony Gauntlet. While they are alike in their mighty abilities, Silvermist Rangers are allies and prefer to live in harmony with the Noldor and do not seek to destroy them.

Silvermist Rangers have a reputation of being one of the finest archers in Pendor. They are said to be able to shoot arrows as far as a Noldor Ranger can. Wielding the finest bows available, they fire quick volleys of arrows with unmatched accuracy. Their missiles can easily shatter shields and pierce through armor. When forced to attack in close combat, they wield claymores as well as Noldor Infantry Shields, thus allowing them to attack and defend themselves easily due to the shield's lighter weight. Their medium armor provides less hindrance to their movement as compared to the heavy armor of many of the other orders. Although they fare better than Ravenstern archers in close combat, it is still recommended to pull them away from sword fights as their armor are not as strong as many other orders.

Game infoEdit

Silvermist Ranger
Joining the Order of the Silvermist Rangers requires 10 honor and 500 renown. A chapter may be found in Senderfall (10% chance) at the start of a game.

Note: Since 3.9.0, the chance of them spawning in Senderfall raised from 10% to 30%.

You must have a Qualis Gem to found a chapter of this Order. Silvermist Rangers upgrade from Pendor Black Archer. The Silvermist employs and trains experienced halberdiers to aid them in the protection of the Noldor, the Silvermist Halberdiers. You can train them from Pendor Man-At-Arms, giving an opportunity to gain strong anti cavalry units for kingdoms other than the Empire or Sarleon.

They start being neutral to the player (0 relation).

They are allies of the Noldor, and they will support eachother if they are nearby. They are in odds with Order of the Clarion Call and Order of Eventide.

Tavern conversation Edit

Player: Word has it that your order admires the Noldor; can you tell me more?

Ranger: Yes, our order holds them in great admiration. There is enough space in Pendor for us all to live in peace with one another. We can learn much from them, but also they are a force to be reckoned with, I can tell you!

Player: They say that few bowmen can shoot a arrow as far as a Silvermist - what's your secret?

Ranger: We learned from the Noldor. They hold that the bow is an extension of the body. They become one with the bow physically and with the arrow mentally. We meditate before battle to achieve this melding of weapon and soul. Some, such as our halberdiers, have even used this philosophy with other weapons.

Player: I heard your Order bears a grudge against the Order of the Ebony Gauntlet.

Ranger: Look, the last thing Pendor needs is an Order like Ebony Gauntlet. Don't you think there are enough people seeking to feud with the Noldor? When they are done hunting the Noldor, who will they choose next to hunt? Madness of this sort must end!

Trivia Edit

  • The Silvermist Rangers were originally users of the regular longbow, as seen in the pictures above, back in PoP 3.6. This actually weakened them to the point that Ravenstern archers were preferable due to wielding Long Composite Bows, a better piece of equipment.
  • In PoP 3.7, besides getting an armor reskin, they now wield Hawkstorm Bows, the best human-wielded bow in-game, making them true to the lore stated above.
  • In PoP 3.8 they received several changes to his armor, and their ammo was upgraded from Bodkin Arrows to Ranger Arrows.
  • They are Noldor's unique ally.
  • Duke Alexis' has Silvermist Rangers as his Household Troop.

Legacy Gallery Edit

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