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Although the Emperor had succeeded in destroying the frontier defenses of the Snake Cult, he still had to win the hearts and minds of those corrupted by the taint of the Cult. The Shadow Wolves exist to win back the people to the spirit of the Ashenborn Empire, and will use any means necessary to achieve this goal. The hidden war against the Cult is being waged with the tools of state, assassination, sabotage, basically covert operations of any kind are employed by them.

The ranks of the Shadow Wolves are filled by the Forsworn who show enough dedication... and live long enough are invited to join. In battle the Shadow Wolves fight like men possessed, bringing death and destruction with every swing of their mighty halberds. Their hoods hide faces twisted by hatred of their foes, their reddened eyes alone can be seen in the darkness. They are very fast considering they are armored in good medium armor, and able to hit very quickly and with great power.

Ingame details Edit

Meanwhilst the Shadow Wolf (knight) is purely a halberdier (has no short range weapon), the Sergeant is a sword and shield warrior. Shadow Wolves are ridiculously strong, pretty similar to a "berserker", being able to 1 hit most of the low and medium tier troops. Their high proficiencies, high health and agility, high strength makes them extremely valuable in the battlefield. Whilst their halberdier are feared by their enemies, not having shields is their Achilles' heel, as they are very vulnerable to projectiles. Shadow hunters should soak up these hails of arrows and afterwards, the "berserkers" charge in to cause severe losses in the enemy.

Game info Edit

Joining the Order of the Wolf requires 10 honor. A chapter of the Order already exists in Savador CastleOregar Castle or Walven Castle (in one of the 3).

Shadow Wolf is upgraded from Empire Legionnaire and Shadow Hunter is upgraded from Empire Pikeman.

Additional lore Edit

Long Tooth: Tread softly traveler, what business do you have in our homeland?

Player: (Friendly) I am the leader of this small band of travelers. I wish to do destroy the Snake Sect and in search of aid from the Mighty Ashenborn Empire. 

Player: (Evil) I am the leader of a band of warriors. We are here for the Snake Cult, and you stand in our way. (Attack) 

Long Tooth: We will not attack for now but know this there are a hundred bows aimed at you and your traveling companions. Now as you said you were searching for aid from our Emperor in hopes of defeating the Snake Sect then we have a common purpose, we are in the process of ridding their taint from the lands rightfully belonging to the Ashenborn Empire.

Player: Rightfully Ashenborn? All I see are ruins and rubble!

Long Tooth: And these ruins and rubble are free from the filth that tore them down! Once this land is secure we will rebuild and our empire shall rise greater than it was ever before.

Player: You have really been fighting the Snake Sect for four hundred years? 

Long Tooth: Yes, Shadow Wolves are trained specifically to fight the Snake Sect. the regular forces of the Ashenborn fight their armies, but ours is a more important struggle - the hearts and minds of the people here. Either they are patriots fighting for the greater glory of our empire, or they are heretics due a date with my knife. Fare you well traveler, and tread carefully, you never knew when you may step on a wolf's paw. 

After the Fight: 

Long Tooth: You are a worthy advisory you have earned my respect. 

Player: I am not here for your respect. I am here for your kingdom.

Long Tooth: If that is the case then you are going to be sadly disappointed. There is no chance that you will ever take this Empire, the Leader of the army has never been beaten in single combat. It is said he is Death incarnate. He rides with a cadre of Phoenix Knights that are known as the Swords of Ashenborn.

Player: Well then Death will fall by my hand.

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