Shadow Legion Centurion

Shadow Legion Centurion

The Order of the Shadow Legion is an elite group of Empire knights, trained to use the rare and mighty Ironbred stallions of the Empire. They are essentially a heavier and much more powerful version of the standard Empire Knight.

The Shadow Legion is known for its devotion to the ways of the Old Empire, and is thus at odds with Marius Imperator and the Order of the Radiant Cross.


Shadow Legion Marinus

Riding on the rare Ironbred Stallions which only noblemen have the funds to purchase, they act as heavy cavalry to complement the infantry heavy force of the Empire. Perhaps the most powerful cavalry one can find in game, the Centurions arm themselves with lances and broadswords. Some of them pack broadhead spears, which they use with lethal accuracy and power. Their attacks are often faster than those of the heavy knights, and this often results in victory for the Centurions in cavalry dogfights. On the very rare occasion that they are forced to fight unmounted, they are not to be underestimated. They can fight better than Immortals on foot, although the lack of the powerful Zweihander means that the Centurions lack the assault prowess that the Immortals possess.

The Shadow Legion Marinus are essentially a superior Armored Pikemen with some minor differences. Their armor trades slightly less protection for more mobility, being lighter than the typical pikeman armor, which is offset by their extra health. They wield the Empire Halberd and Broadhead throwing spears, giving them more firepower than the Armored Pikemen. Like most pikeman, they don't have a shield to be able to use their polearm, meaning they are taken down with ease by projectiles if they're not protected.

Game infoEdit

Joining the Shadow Legion Centurions requires 10 honor. A chapter already exists in Cez.

You must have a Qualis Gem to found a chapter of this Order. Shadow Legion Centurions are trained from Empire Knights. The Shadow Legion Marinus are trained from Empire Armored Pikemen.

The Marinus are troops specifically trained by the Centurions for various reasons. They were trained to ensure that some form of the traditions of the Old Empire remained, as the Centurions believed that the traditions should be endured by the Empire. The Marinus, or marines are the only remnants of the soldiers that sailed to Pendor.

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