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Scorpion Scion

No lore yet. To be written and added.

Ingame details Edit

At first, their knights may seem the stronger of all, but weapon wise they are not as strong as the other high tier orders. Equipped with a decent shield and a D'Shar Sabre or D'Shar Heavy Sabre, as well as with throwing assassin knives, they do hit fast and these hard hitting swings are deadly in sieges, where longer range weapons can't do their full swing or directly get blocked mid-way. Their throwing knives is a good harass that can kill the horses of knights before they can charge at them, making them fall to the ground and removing any advantage given by the horse (speed and charges). The Scorpion Scion (sergeant) is a simpler sword-shield warrior, yet though they give a nice support in the frontline to the knights.

Game info Edit

Joining the Order of the Scorpion Assassins requires 10 honor. A chapter already exists in Ishkoman.

The Scorpion Assassin upgrades from D'Shar Noble Cavalry and Scorpion Scion upgrades from D'Shar Warrior.

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