Knight of the Raven Spear

Knight of the Raven Spear

The Order of the Raven Spear consists of scholars and students dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge and academia. Technically, their knights are glorified mercenaries; although they fight primarily for pay, they are dedicated to the protection and preservation of knowledge and serve as its guardians.


Raven Spear Mercenary

Sir Boris the Raven claims that the Knights of the Raven Spear are excellent besiegers. This might hold true due to their heavy armor and knowledge they have attained from scholars to siege more effectively.

Unlike many other knights, these knights only wield morningstars and lances, but no swords. While their heavy weapons enable them to crush shields and armor, it leaves them more vulnerable due to their slower movement. However, as heavy knights, they can take and dish out heavy punishment. Their morningstars are excellent in sieges for breaking shields. On the open battlefield, they are decent heavy cavalry, but their morningstars are often unable to hit their desired target should the opponents that they are facing be faster, especially if they are wielding lighter swords. Back these knights up with infantry and horsemen that are able to attack more swiftly to provide the support the Raven Spear Knights need.

Game infoEdit

Joining the Order of the Raven Spear requires 10 honor. A chapter already exists in Poinsbruk and may also exist in Avendor.

You must own Poinsbruk to found a chapter of this Order. Knights of the Raven Spear are trained from Pendor Knights.

The Knights of the Raven Spear employ Raven Spear Mercenaries to aid them in their task, being trained up from Sellsword Horsemen.

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