Knight of the Radiant Cross

The Order of the Radiant Cross was established in the 113th year after the founding of Pendor by Baron Jorn of Dunglave; the city of Dunglave is now known as Janos. It was formerly an Order of doctors that was militarized in order to defend their physicans from bandits and rogues. The order was one of the prominent forces to battle the invasion by the Greater Baccus Empire in the 202nd year after the founding of Pendor. Overwhelmed in the battle of Sagent Glade, they were all but destroyed by the legions under General Oasar. When General Oasar became “Overlord”, and after the desertion by the Jatu, he incorporated the order colors to form the identifying marks of his elite cavalry units. While these Cavalrymen are not true Knights by any stretch of the imagination, and they do not operate under the Validus Charta, the colors survive and the citizens of the Empire often refer to these mounted soldiers as the remnant of that once noble order of Knights.


Radiant Cross Plaguewarden

This Order is a fair one, recruiting from both peasantry and nobility with one goal: defending physicians of the Empire so that they may find a cure to the Snake Cult plague. They were reinstated by Marius Imperator and are considered part of the "New Empire".

One would expect these knights to be poorly armored horsemen. However, they would be extremely shocked to see them riding on powerful mounts like the Ironbred Chargers and Dark Silver Warhorses. Despite some of their numbers being recruited from peasantry, they are extremely good fighters, even more so than the disciplined Empire Legionnaires. They may be one of the weaker orders, but their melee skills with the Claymore and morningstars are not to be underestimated when they are mounted. They also use lances and spears to counter pikemen. Even when dismounted, the Radiant Cross Knights are fierce warriors, ready to give their lives for the cause of their Order. Radiant Cross Knights do not function as well as Lion Knights as besiegers, but they do make good defensive infantry. They may not be as feared as the Eventide or Dawn Knights, but they have a lower upkeep.

Game infoEdit

Joining the Order of the Radiant Cross requires 15 honor. There is no chapter of this Order already existing in Pendor, so if you want to join, you must found a chapter in one of your own fiefs.

There is a 10% chance that a chapter will start in Ethos.

You must own Ethos to found a chapter of this Order. Knights of the Radiant Cross are trained from Pendor Knights.

The Order regularly recruit commoners as Radiant Cross Plaguewardens to protect and defend the physicians of the Empire. Uniquely, the Plaguewardens can be trained from Mercenary Armored Crossbowmen.

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