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The Order of the Lion is one of the largest and most renowned orders of Knights in the land, established in the 82nd year after the founding of Pendor by Sir Roderick the Red. The charter of the order is strict in its chivalrous by-laws, and is the oldest knighthood order that still has members in Pendor. After the untimely deaths of the royal family in 198, the order was instrumental, along with the Order of the Griffon, in establishing and maintaining order in the realm and preventing an all out war between rival factions contending for the throne of Pendor.

After the secession of the Northern Lords, and the war with the Greater Baccus Empire, the order backed and supported Duke Alfred of Sarleon in assuming the throne and declaring himself the King of Sarleon.

In the 298th year after the founding of Pendor, the Order was outlawed. In the 346th year after the founding of Pendor, the Order was restored by the order of King Ulric I of Sarleon. All texts and references to the reasons and history surrounding this event and what happened to the order order since 298 were destroyed by the order of the the new monarch, himself now a prominent member of the Knighthood Order.

Acting as the bodyguard for King Ulric l, now the monarch of the Sarleon Kingdom, they fight with heavy lances, morningstars and Silver Great Claymores, as well as shield of their order. The royal knights of Sarleon are top tier cavalry one can employ in the realm of Pendor. They fare extremely well in their role as heavy cavalry thanks to their breastplate and can easily trample infantry and archers. On foot, they make excellent heavy infantry and the punch they deliver with their weapons are not to be underestimated, rivaling the skill of the legendary Empire Immortals. They also make excellent siege troops, able to attack and defend a walled center almost effortlessly. Undergoing rigorous training and maintaining a hearty diet of ale and red meat before being initiated into the order, the well-built and experienced Knights of the Lion can easily overpower other knights, even the extremely well-trained Knights of the Dawn, which many Pendorians deem as effective killing machines.

Sons of the Lion Knights often ride alongside the Knights themselves in patrols or certain lord's armies as Squires. While they have not been granted the privilege of riding on warhorses, their mounts are pretty decent hunters. They don surcoats, and make do as decent medium cavalry, armed with both sword and lance. They make dangerous enemies when working together with the Lion Knights.

Game InfoEdit

Knight of the Lion
Squire of the Lion-0

Joining the Order of the Lion requires 10 honor and 500 renown, as well as neutral or positive relations with the order. A chapter already exists in Sarleon. Additionally, there is a 10% chance that a chapter will exist in Marleons.

To create a chapter of the Order of the Lion, the player needs to belong to the Sarleon culture OR own Sarleon, as well as 20,000 denars and a city or castle without a Knighthood Order and not less than -10 relation with the order.

Knights of the Lion are trained from Sarleon Knights. The Knights often grant their sons the privilege of joining the Order at an early age as Squires of the Lion, being trained from Sarleon Man-at-Arms.

They start being neutral to the player (0 relation), except if the player chose to be a noble (1a) and then a letter that changed your life forever (4e) in Character Creation, in that case, they'll be hostile to the player (-5 relation).

They are allies of The Kingdom of Sarleon, and they will support each other if they are nearby. They are in odds with The Kingdom of Ravenstern, Barclay, Mettenheim, Veccavia, Order of the Dragon, Empire Immortals, D'Shar Windriders, Lady Valkyries Sisterhood, Order of the Griffon and Order of the Falcon, as well as the Hateful factions.

Tavern conversation Edit

This order has no wandering knight.

Tactics Edit

One of the strongest cavalries in all of Pendor, the Knights of the Lion have not only the best equipment but also some of the highest stats and weapon proficiencies out of all the Knighthood Orders. As a heavy cavalry unit, they can be used for the initial charge to trample their opponents, whereas the Squires of the Lion can be used to clean up efficiently after the initial charge. As a Knighthood Order, they are very self-sufficient in field battles. In siege battles, the units make strong, tanky heavy infantry.

Fielded in high numbers by the Sarleon lords, the Knights of the Lion are destined to be familiar foes of aspiring conquerors of Pendor. It is advised to arrange your infantry into a square formation so that their ranks are five deep. With high-tier units such as Fierdsvain Huscarls, D'Shar Ghazi Dervish, and pikemen scattered amid them, this is one of the most reliable tactics for blunting a Lion frontal charge. Even then, it will be a volatile battle. The ideal situation is a confrontation with a terrain advantage, and with sharpshooters such as Empire Armored Crossbowmen having a clear line of sight to pick off a few knights and possibly unhorse some before they arrive. Most archers lack the armor penetration to inflict enough damage in time before they arrive. An effective skirmishing phase is key to giving your infantry a fighting chance.


  • Despite their self-proclaimed valor, many other Orders deem the Knights of the Lion as arrogant and incapable, being unable to defend the common people of Sarleon from bandits, rogue knights and the feared Heretics.
  • They are King Ulric, Duke Brennus and Baron Aelfried household troops, meaning they will hold a big number of Knights of the Lion.
  • They are the Kingdom of Sarleon's factional order, meaning that every single lord belonging to this culture will also recruit some additional Knights of the Lions.

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