Knight of the Griffon
Griffon Retainer

The Order of the Griffon was established prior to the founding of Pendor; this prestigious order of knights was the royal guards of the line of Cavalas. The plague of 198 wiped out a large number of the Order knights as well as the royal family.

After the plague, they put aside their differences and worked with the Order of the Lion to maintain order in the land. In the 203rd year after the founding of Pendor, in the forests of Laria, the order made its last stand against a small army of the Jatu who were assaulting the larian farmlands. While successful in defending Laria from being plundered by the Jatu, not a single knight of this once proud order survived. The great hall of the Griffon Knights in Sarleon stood empty for many years until being converted into an abbey. Canonically, the Order of the Griffon should be the player's first choice for a knighthood order, assuming they wish to follow the path of the old kings of Pendor.

Canonically, as the official order of the Old Pendorian Kingdom, they are one of the most well-equipped knights. Their plate armor is one of the toughest found in Pendor. They utilize Griffon warhorse mounts, powerful steeds that can ram down hostile infantry. They fight with lances (Long Knight Lance and Lance), morningstars , ebony knight swords and silvered longswords whilst ridding their Gryphon Warhorse. They show admirable skill and fight valiantly against the enemies of Pendor, they can easily tear their enemies into pieces with ebony swords in close melee, and silver swords is a decent weapon on horse back as well. Now on a crusade to bring peace to Pendor, they fight for the new king of Pendor. They excel as heavy cavalry and heavy infantry, and are excellent on the field and in sieges.

Do bear in mind that as newly-refounded order, they lack the experience and skill of their Sarleon brethren, the Knights of the Lion. Nevertheless, they are still powerful medieval tanks, but should not be committed to an attack if the odds are stacked heavily against them.

Game infoEdit

Joining the Order of the Griffon requires 20 honor. It's the only order that will surely not start with a chapter, so to join them, a chapter of the order must be founded.

You must have Sir Darlion of Pendor in your party or chose "a letter that changed your life" during character creation to create a chapter, as well as 20,000 denars, 10 or more honor and wary (-10) or better relation with the order.

Knights of the Griffon are trained from Pendor Knights. Griffon Retainers act as squires and a reserve cavalry force for the Griffon Knights, usually defending the Pendorian nobles in a last stand should the Knights fall in battle, and are trained from Pendor Mtd. Man-At-Arms.

Each has 2 Gold Bars and 2 Various Loot, that they may drop upon being defeated.

Tavern conversation Edit

This order has no wandering knight.

Trivia Edit

  • Sir Darlion of Pendor: "I have the royal signet which is only activated by the blood of the royal line of Pendor. As you can clearly see, this ring glows with the sign of the Griffon, the signet of the line of Cavalas."

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