Knight of the Falcon

The Order of the Falcon was established in the 94th year after the founding of Pendor. This Order has the notable distinction of allowing females into its ranks. The original charter allowed for this as one of the five founding members was a woman warrior by the name of Valera, who was of no little prowess on the battlefield. This Order originated as a very successful adventuring company in the early years of the Kingdom that later transformed itself under the Validus Charta.


Talon of the Falcon

The Order fragmented after the breaking up of the Kingdom of Pendor and over the years have declined to the point of extinction. The order was outlawed in Ravenstern in the 349th year after the founding of Pendor by King Gregory IV. Most of the order either retired or fled to other lands.

Distinguishable on the field because of their gender, these stalwart female warriors are exiled individuals fighting against the injustice against them and their freedom. Clearly emblazoned with the symbol of the Falcon, their existence represent on open revolt against the Ravenstern Monarch, King Gregory IV. Armed with claymores, morningstars, lances and great swords, they are powerful heavy cavalry. While they may not be as powerful as many other knighthood orders, they are still powerful warriors in their own right, They excel as heavy cavalry and if dismounted, heavy defensive infantry. You may wish to re-create the Order of the Falcon if you are supporting Madame Ursula.

Game infoEdit

Joining the Order of the Falcon requires 15 honor. A chapter has a 50% chance of starting in Falcondark Castle.Sir Rayne, one of the few remaining Knights of the Falcon, must be in your party to found a chapter of this Order. If you choose to take up Madam Ursula's right to queendom, having her in your party also allows you to create a chapter. Knights of the Falcon are trained from Maiden Nobles.

Women of valor, no matter their birth, are invited to join the Talon of the Falcon to aid the Knights of the Falcon. They are trained from Maiden Cavalry.

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