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The Order of the Dragon was established in the 199th year after the founding of Pendor by Earl Klovis of Rane. There are some accounts that the order was actually ordained on the field of battle during the siege of Rane. Other accounts point out that the order actually came into existence when the documents were ratified and signed several weeks later by the traitorous lords of the Northern borders. The Order of the Dragon was created to honor the noble warriors who stood and routed the armies of the Mystmountain tribes during the siege of Rane. It is a rogue order, with no charter under the Validus Charta.

The Knights of the Dragon now fight for the people of Ravenstern against their mortal enemies, the Mystmountain barbarians or anyone who stand against the Kingdom of Ravenstern. The Knights are tough soldiers, braving the cold in the Northern Mountains on a daily basis. Riding on heavy chargers and warhorses, the Knights of the Dragons accompany Ravenstern lords, aiding their army in battle. Using lances and swords, they can easily crush cavalry and infantry with ease. The faceplate they don are used to terrify their enemies. Many soldiers who laugh at the kilt that are part of the Knights of the Dragon's armor that it resembles a dress, often fail to live to regret it. Mounted, these knights make great heavy cavalry. Even if dismounted, the knights still make great heavy infantry. In short, since these guys were made for heavy combat, use them that way.

Game infoEdit

Knight of the Dragon-0
Dragon Drake-1

Joining the Order of the Dragon requires 15 honor, 500 renown and positive relations with the order. A chapter already exists in Rane and there's around a 30% chance of another starting in Ravenstern.

To create a chapter of the Order of the Dragon, the player needs to belong to the Ravenstern culture OR own Rane, as well as 20,000 denars and a city or castle without a Knighthood Order and not less than -10 relation with the order.

Knights of the Dragon are trained from Ravenstern Knights and Dragon Drake are footmen recruited to support the knights, they are trained from Ravenstern Man-at-Arms.

They start being neutral to the player (0 relation).

They are allies of The Kingdom of Ravenstern, and they will support each other if they are nearby. They are in odds with The Kingdom of Sarleon, Order of the Lion, Empire Immortals, D'Shar Windriders, Lady Valkyries Sisterhood, Order of the Griffon and Order of the Falcon, as well as the Hateful factions.

Tavern conversation Edit

This order has no wandering knight.

Trivia Edit

  • Warbands of this order are often recruited to hold the frontier against the Jatu.

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