Knight of the Dawn

The Order of the Dawn is a group of fanatics who follow the goddess Astraea, and are dedicated to the destruction of evil. However, their fanaticism often goes too far; they believe that everyone is guilty of something, and prefer to burn first and ask questions later. The Order of the Dawn is mortal enemies with a group that splintered off them, the Order of Eventide, believing them to be heretics; for once, they are actually right.


Dawn Wyvern

Perhaps one of the strongest knights found in Pendor, they wield lances and swords to battle against the Heretics and enforce their twisted sense of law in Pendor, in the name of Astraea. As with most traditional knights, they ride on heavy and powerful warhorses. They use their swords with lethal speed, almost as fast as the D'Shar Bladesmasters. They also wield lances to great effect, often being able to take out large groups of infantry with their lances alone, and their warhorses are often able to get itself and its rider out of harm's way very often. However, the lack of morningstars means that they make decent assault troops, but not the best as they lack the ability to shatter shields easily. However, their speed and strength is still not to be underestimated and they can easily slaughter troops single-handedly.

Game InfoEdit

Joining the Order of the Dawn requires 25 honor. A chapter already exists in Valonbray, and there is a 10% chance of a chapter starting in Windholm. Note that you start with negative relations (-10 or -15 depending on the character creation options) with the Order, which means their patrolling knights will attempt to attack you if your party is small enough, and you will not be able to join until you are at 0 or better relations with them.

You must own Valonbray to found a chapter of this Order. Knights of the Dawn are trained from Pendor Knights. Dawn Wyverns are under the employment of the Dawn, providing an infantry supplement to the mounted knights, and are trained from Fierdsvain Armored Axemen, making them one of the more tricky Knighthoods to reinforce.

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