Ranger of the Clarion Call

Ranger of the Clarion Call 3.8

The Order of the Clarion Call is a force of highly mobile rangers used as patrols on the borders of Laria, especially against the Jatu. Their method of fighting is similar to the D'Shar and the Jatu, although they are as much knights as horse archers. Rangers of the Clarion Call are very balanced units, capable of using sword, spear, or bow with deadly efficiency, mounted or unmounted.


Larian Outrider

One of the strongest horse archers you can find in Pendor, they ride on fast but decently-armored horses. This allows them to ride faster than heavy knights like the Knights of the Lion. While their short composite bow may not shoot as far as a longbow, they are perfect for mounted archers, allowing them to circle around foes and eliminate them without risking any melee combat. These rangers can fire deadly volleys of arrows mounted or unmounted. Use them as you would normally use horse archers, but keep in mind that these knights are capable of defending themselves in close quarters should they be forced to, wielding their swords and spears with great effect against their foes. However, do not expect them to be able to engage enemies in close quarters as efficiently as other Order Knights. An interesting note is that the Clarion Call knights breed their steeds from both Jatu and D'Shar stock to breed faster horses than those used by other orders although their horses are not as weak as those utilized by the D'Shar.

Game infoEdit

Joining the Order of the Clarion Call requires 500 renown and 10 honor. An existing chapter exists in Laria.

You must own Laria or be a vassal of Sarleon to create a chapter of this Order. Rangers of the Clarion Call are trained from Sarleon Knights.

Wayward Adventurers join the Clarion Call as Larian Outriders, learning the art of combat from the Rangers in order to aid them against the Jatu.

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