Knight of Eventide
Eventide Ghilman

The Order of Eventide is a splinter group from the Order of the Dawn that ostensibly left because the Knights of the Dawn burned people as they pleased. They also claim to be studying the Heretics in order to effectively combat them, but may have been corrupted by the enemies that they were studying. Thus, the Order of the Dawn's accusations that the Knights of Eventide are Heretics, or at least are in league with them, are true; the Knights of Eventide try at every turn to prevent people from learning this so that they can recruit under the guise of good people being attacked.

Donning one of the strongest plate armor in game, these mysterious knights are powerful warriors even when they are not upgraded. They wear a variety of horned helms, some wearing those with a cape attached. Their appearance has been described as demonic, causing many to soil themselves just from the mere sight of them. Their mounts are heavily armored warhorses, allowing them to smash through shieldwalls with ease. Even in plate armor, these knights can swing their weapons surprisingly fast, nearly as fast as the Scorpion Assassins. When mounted, some of them wield lances, easily crushing infantry and cavalry alike. If they are ever forced to fight on foot, they wield warhammers, Eventide longswords and morningstars with startling speed, often crushing anyone who stand in their way. They make surprisingly good besiegers and heavy defensive units in a siege.

Game infoEdit

Joining the Order of Eventide requires having at least 20 honor. A chapter already exists in Singal. Note that you start with negative relations (-40) with the Order, which means their patrolling knights will attempt to attack you if your party is small enough, and you will not be able to join until you are at 0 or better relations with them. Because of the large deficit, it can be very difficult to make amends with this Order.

Sir Alistair must be in your party to found a chapter of this Order.

Knights of Eventide are trained from Pendor Knights.

Alike Knights of the Dawn, one can occasionally be purchased from the Red Brotherhood's brokers for a similar cost to their non-heretical counterparts.

Singalian Horsemen regularly join the Eventide as Eventide Ghilmen to fight against the oppression of the Order of the Dawn.


  • It has been rumored that some of the higher-ranking Eventide Knights drink human blood, thus making them in league with the Heretics.

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