The Orator Baccus Sword is a unique one-handed weapon, belonging to Marius Imperator of the Empire.


The Orator Baccus Sword is arguably one of the best one-handed swords attainable, including those obtainable by use of a Qualis Gem . It's high damage output, along with it's high Speed-n-Reach specs make this sword a deadly weapon.

Stats are on picture.

Orator Baccus Sword

How to ObtainEdit

To obtain this weapon without cheating, you need to succesfully beat and capture the king of the Empire (Marius Imperator). Once this is done, engage on a conversation with him. If the Empire are near defeat with dwindling fiefs, he may be willing to exchange his prized sword for his freedom, but drop the relations by 40 with the king and will also drop relations by 30 with The Empire, this can only be done once per game. It is also possible to loot the weapon after fighting and beating him.

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