Obrist Heynrich

Instated and entitled in 220 by the Emperor of Barclay to raise a unit of soldiers from the Barclay province of Aysenmontana, he was happy to oblige and quickly gained a reputation fighting off the rare Vanskerry Raiding parties evading the stalwart Order of the Dawn in Barclay. He supported them during the ensuing bloody struggle against the Order of Eventide and together they cleansed Eventide off Barclay.

Despite the dire need of armed forces in Aysenmontana he was refused to leave the heartlands of Barclay for his homelands by the Emperor, who feared the evergrowing influence of the Snake Cult in Bacchus. Growing ever wary of that sect, Heynrich of Papen saw plenty of action during that period and honed up his skills as adequate field and infantry commander, gaining outstanding knowledge in anti cavalry tactics and anti guerrilla warfare rooting out the heresy caused by the new serpent cult.

Heynrich was sent back to Aysenmontana in 230, when Azi Dzhaka finally reached Mettenheim. Unfortunately his force did not arrive in time to turn the tide and prevent the disaster which befell Wolfgang the Mercenary and had, as matters stood, to return to Barclay without seeing any action or achieving anything at all.

However, a successful surprise landing was undertaken a year later in 231 and Heynrich managed to land in force and join arms with Mauritz in the decisive battle of Ijzerstat, the capital city of the island. Despite the overwhelming victory and the decisive help provided by Obrist of Papen which turned the battle, the common atmosphere shifted more and more towards an independent state which was finally founded in 232 by Mauritz, now called of Mettenheim.

Since Obrist Heynrich of Papen refused to pick up arms against his kinsmen he and his army were outlawed and the leaders declared traitors of Barclay with a considerable price set on their heads. On the other hand he was blamed by his people for the late arrival and the year of terror the Snake Cult inflicted over Mettenheim. The political pressure and public opinion finally forced him to turn his back and leave his ancestral homelands. It wasn't a surprise that most of his loyal veterans followed their Obrists lead and manned the ships now flying an unwelcome banner to find employment somewhere else, for Heynrich was well loved by his troopers.

Unfortunate winds now blew his army to the shores of Pendor, a continent divided, plague-ridden and in turmoil. A continent of wonders, wealth and opportunity, if only an adapt leader would carve his place into the fetid soil...

His army is the strongest of Pendor, and consists of:

Tactics Edit

First and Foremost... Edit

Fighting Obrist is not easy task, not even by a fair bit. Mettenheim troops are heavily armored (in fact the most armored) and do know how to end any opponent quickly and mercilessly. While battling him, remember 2 things:

  1. Never let his infantry engage yours or a prolonged melee with your cav.
  2. Get rid of the crossbows as fast as possible, they are way more than just a nuisance.

Army Composition Edit

Your army composition should be mainly of cavalry, shock cavalry and horse archers should be a priority, and archers, a mixture of crossbows to slaughter their infantry and bows to counter the heavy crossbowmen. Any infantry, even Fierdsvain Huscarls and berserkers, would probably serve, at best, as a decoy and a meatshield, atleast until the Forlorn Hope and the Hauptmanner will cover the ground.

Terrain Edit

You cannot fight on every terrain the game generates for you, you need in a map, in decreasing priority:

  1. Enough distance between you and the enemy so that you can set up properly and to make sure eventual luring works for every troop.
  2. An elevated position for your archers.
  3. A plain just below your skirmisher line to allow cav charges.
  4. Just to the flank of your skirmishers a nice less elevated position for your cavalry.
  5. The enemy shouldn't have a hill to set up his crossbowmen in range of your units
  6. The eventual hill should be low enough to be ineffective against cav but high enough to make their infantry a better target.
  7. The elevated position should make your skirmishers able to see and fire at the enemy spawn.

Battle Edit

It is highly suggested to lure the enemy infantry, you can convince them to do so just by attacking one of their units. After doing this, form a "ball" of enemies by circling them. You should order your archers to hold their fire, to open it just in case some enemies "escape" your lure. Lure the ball away from the crossbows, far away enough to allow your cavalry to charge them with impunity. Once most of the xbows are defeated, lure the ball in range of your archers and open fire on them. Once they get reinforcements they will retreat to recieve them, so charge them with your cav. Continue to do so until you all run out of ammo, so retreat and battle again until they all die.

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