Notorious Outlaw

Every now and then, a bandit will rise among the scum of Pendor to become a leader of his own motley band of criminals. Although he is weaker than the Guildsmen from the Red Brotherhood, he is no pushover, bearing equipment and arms to match most state soldiers on his terms. However, his mounts are extremely vulnerable to any missiles, guaranteeing his doom if he is unhorsed while charging into the front lines of a warband.

Stats, Proficiencies, and Skills Edit

Lvl 30 Str 18 Int 9
Agi 12 Cha 9
1-Hand 220
2-Hand 220
Crossbow 220
Ironflesh 6
Power Strike 5
Shield 4
Athletics 5
Riding 4
Horse Archery 6
Tactics 6
Leadership 2

Equipment Edit

Melee Wpn Ranged Wpn Sub Wpn Head Torso Hand Feet Mount Lootables
One Handed Battle Axe Light Crossbow Hide Covered Round Shield Black Hood Mail Hauberk Leather Gloves Splinted Leather Greaves Leather Draped Horse Various Loot
Metal Spiked Mace Bolts Breastplate over Padding 'Blue' Leather Boots Leather Draped Warhorse
Ebony Dueling Sword Knight Surcoat 'Dark' Courser
Foreign Saber Long Surcoat 'White and Green Grey Courser
Foreign 2-handed Saber Long Surcoat 'White and Green V' Golden Maned Courser
Silvered Longsword Studded Leather Over Mail
Empire Broadsword Dark Byrnie
Sword Dark Strapped Studded Leather Hauberk
Iron Sword Dark Chain Coat
Breastplate over Padding

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