Nomad boots a
General information
Name: Nomad Boots
Type: Footwear
PoP version: v3.7063
Faction/Order: No Faction
(It can be in the inventory)
Farmer, Sellsword, Young D'shar Noble, Jatu Outcast Rider (x2), D'Shar Tribesman, D'Shar Tribesman Hunter, D'Shar Nobleman, D'Shar Noble Raider, D'Shar Spearman, D'Shar Desert Bowman, D'Shar Dervish, D'Shar Deserter, Robber, D'Shar Raider, Sheriff, Young D'Shar Noble Adventurer, Jatu Raider (x2), Jatu Lancer (x2), Sheik Shalavan, Fallen, Fallen Footman, Townsman (x2), Villager, Townsman, Farmer, Riva, Kassim, Baron Leofwine, Baron Gaidon, Lord Fossard, Lord Othon, Lord Montewar, Duke Aldemar, Count Bogdan, Caliph Hamid, Caliph Bahman, Haji Nabi Bey, Farhad Khan, Lord Schaday, Earl Ari Forkbeard, Jarl Einkr Onehand, Jarl Eydis Fairhair, Jarl Talvor the Fey, Lord Ragnbjorg the Bear, Lord Vigdus Bloodsword, Lord Dirigun Farsail, Lord Inar Hairybreeks, Livius Dux, Lord Alus, [[{!}heroes end]], Malik Cuiur, Halfandir, Squire Olan, Isador, Tondrake, Borthon, Eyenar, Floud, Ivan the Ranger, Lennet, Tucker, Rhys, Hannah, Janna, Natasha, Isador, Samuel, Wild William, Porbad, Squire Davian, Squire Venton, Squire Holbrook, Master Quint, Husnu, Korgan, Warden Valk, Salih, Warden Quay, Torgna, Warden Avery, Abbot Elkhorn, Hunter Andar, Musar, Warden Yost, Denigoldr, Fakih, Vorsan, Senchal Darianshron, Squire Dranton, Warden Rabban, Fansen, Squire Purdis, Fengrove, [[{!}Town 6 Craftsman]], [[{!}Town 8 Craftsman]], [[{!}Town 11 Craftsman]], Peasant Rebel, Peasant, Nervous Man, Belligerent Drunk, Hired Assassin, Rough-Looking Character, Merchant of Torbah, Merchant of Javiksholm, Merchant's Brother, Merchant's Son, Sir Morcas VII, Baron Verral
Modding information
Item ID: itm_nomad_boots
Mesh name: nomad_boots_a
Material: nomad_boots_a
Weight: 1.25
Leg armor: 14
Abundance: 100
Trading details
Base price: 70 denars
Merchandise: Yes
Strength: 0
Modifier information
Available: tattered, ragged, rough, sturdy, thick, hardered, superb

Modifier stats Edit

Tattered 11 0 35d
Ragged 12 0 49d
Rough 14 0 42d
Sturdy 15 0 119d
Thick 16 0 182d
Hardered 17 0 273d
Superb 14 0 175d

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