Noldor Warrior

The weakest of the Noldor army, they are still a force to be reckoned with. With their signature Noldor composite bow and Noldor Arrows, they can take down most foes with just a few volleys and the few that survive their hail of arrows and meet these elves, their swordsmanship is decent, so they can hold the line with ease. Their Infantry Shield may not be as strong as the other Noldor shields but it is still pretty tough. Overall, their skills can pit them against the top tier troops of the major factions. However, the common weakness of the Noldor troops remains: their quivers run dry quickly and they will often be forced to face their foes in close combat.

They are seen in both noldor patrols and noldor armies. They are specially numerous in Aeldarian's army (180-300).

12 of these can be recruited by Quigfen in Laria in exchange of a Qualis Gem.

15 of these can be recruited by Arandur in Elacrai in exchange of a Qualis Gem.

This troop is upgraded from Noldor Hunter for 80 d and upgrades to Noldor Ranger for 200 d.

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