Noldor Twilight Knight-0

These elven nobles are the elite troops of the Noldor, and probably the best one can possibly field in Pendor. The only unit that can easily match them in endurance and martial prowess would be the Demonic Magnus, whose axes can slaughter the Twilight Knights. However, they are still deemed as unstoppable forces, both on the field and in sieges. They can lay down a whittling volley of arrows single-handedly.

When in the field, their powerful and swift horses are able to outmaneuver other cavalry as they bring down their foes with their bows. Even in close combat, their Noldor Runesword will slice through their foes like butter, often eliminating high-tier troops with just a single swing of their blades. They are also equipped with the toughest shields in the game, the Noldor Enchanted shields. Their armor provides one of the best protection in the game and enables him to move and attack fast. Like every Noldor soldier, they are equipped with the Noldor Composite Bow, however, their quivers empty very quickly due to their high attack speed and alike all the Noldor noble units, they will ride 1 horse from the set of horses the Noldor train.

While they are supremely powerful units, they are nonetheless not invulnerable. Capable of shattering a lord's entire army - provided they steer clear of polearms - their power is only tested in long, drawn-out battles with invading armies. They can hold their own even against the likes of Maltise's elite legion of Serpent Priestesses and Anaconda Knights - themselves terrifying powerhouses - but they can't bear the full brunt of an minor faction's invasion force alone. Given their rarity - a Qualis gem only garners you a handful of these masters of war - they are to be used with tactical purpose. 

They are extremely powerful and at the same time, rare to see. They will only be in the Noldor armies of Aeldarian and Ithilrandir and in reduced numbers (12-34).

3 of these can be recruited by Quigfen in Laria in exchange of a Qualis Gem.

4 of these can be recruited by Arandur in Elacrai in exchange of a Qualis Gem.

Rarely, you will be given 2 of these and 6 Noldor Rangers when gambing qualis gems.

This troop is upgraded from Noldor Noble for 200 d and upgrades no more.