Noldor Trade Goods
Noldor Trade Goods 3.9
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Noldor Trade Goods

Legacy design, removed in 3.8

Noldor Trade Goods-0

Legacy design, removed in 3.9

Rare item with its only use is to be sold at a high price. It is suggested to be sold as soon as posible due to his weight, 50, which is very high, making the party move slower around the map. The selling

price varies between 600 and 1350, depending on the Trade skill (0 will sell it for 600, 14 for 1350).

It cant be found in the marketplace, it only drops from (the number after the x states how many he has, the more he has, the higher chance he will drop at least one, up to the number shown):

Laria's city chest will always contain one, capturing the city and keeping it for yourself will grant you access to the chest.

Note: Since 3.9.0:

  • their value was raised to 5000, to be on par with Gold Bar. The selling price will now vary from 1000 to 2250, depending on Trade skill.
  • they have a special use rather than just being an item to be sold. Handling one with the Qualis Gem will increase the amount of Noldor troops both Quigfen and Arandur will give.
Troop Quigfen Arandur
Without NTG With NTG Without NTG With NTG
Noldor Warrior 12 15 15 18
Noldor Ranger 10 12 12 15
Noldor Maiden Ranger 8 10 10 12
Noldor Noble 5 6 6 7
Noldor Twilight Knight 3 4 4 5