Noldor Noble

It is supposed that the Noldor Nobles are kinsmen to the great Noldorin lords themselves, Aeldarian, Ithilrandir, Caelvanir and Faergwethanir. Not much is known of them except that they accompany their heads of Houses onto the battlefield and serve as their cavalry forces.

They may promote to the powerhouses that are the Twilight Knights, and are already powerful to a terrifying extent unto themselves. With weapon proficiencies of 500, they are on par with Hero Adventurers and Maiden Nobles, and are not to be taken tightly.

Equipped with the Noldor Composite bow and Noldor Runeswords, they can beat most troops with ease in melee and ranged. Like all the nobles of the Noldor, they are given the set of Noldor horses to use, making the troop swifter and more deadly. They are also given the strongest shield, the Noldor Enchanted Shield, resulting almost always the rider to fall in combat before the shield breaks, even considering how tough this troop is, thanks to his highest tier armor and his increased attributes and skills. They can be seen in the Noldor patrols and armies.

5 of these can be recruited by Quigfen in Laria in exchange of a Qualis Gem.

6 of these can be recruited by Arandur in Elacrai in exchange of a Qualis Gem.

This is the basic noble unit from the Noldor and upgrades to Noldor Twilight Knight for 200 d.

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