Noldor Maiden Ranger-0

Most of the female nobles felt the need to help their people specially in these times, where Pendor is invaded by chaos and destruction. They are trained like the male Noldors and given special equipment as well as the privilege to ride the Noldor horses. They master their characteristic bow as well as their Noldor Runeswords when forced to fight melee.

Their shield is the best in Pendor, the Noldor Enchanted Shield, meaning that they are very difficult to take down with projectiles, unless she is attacked in the back or when attacking. Their equipment is top tier and they benefit from having really high tier equipment, meaning that they will not let go of their last breath with ease. They are never seen in the noldor patrols, they gained the privilege to only field in the battle along the Noldor lords, Aeldarian and Ithilrandir, and in big quantities (120-240).

8 of these can be recruited by Quigfen in Laria in exchange of a Qualis Gem.

10 of these can be recruited by Arandur in Elacrai in exchange of a Qualis Gem.

This unit doesn't upgrade from any troop nor upgrades to other.