Noldor Hunter 3.9

The only Noldor troop that can be hired through prisoner packs, its the basic non-noble Noldor troop. It starts with relatively good and valuable equipment (compared with other troops with similar stats), but they're weak as their proficiencies and skills are low, having 150 points in every proficiency and 4 points in power strike and power draw.

It is recommended to play safe with them and keep them out of combat whenever posible, as in melee they tend to lose against other medium-high melee units and the unit isn't guaranteed to have a shield, so some may even fall before engaging close-combat and in ranged, as they are again not guaranteed to have a helmet, any crossfire shot they may take on the head will result in the hunter falling.

This is an event troop, and they can only be found after the player triggers the event through asking lords/red brotherhood NPCs (the ones found randomly in the taverns) if they heard any news or event. The event says that a small Noldor patrol was captured by a red brotherhood party near their forests. The party spawns with some of these (couldn't find on the files the number, if someone does please update this), which after the player defeating the Red Brotherhood troops, these will be available to join the player's party due to their low level.

The message shown is: "Word from Laria is that a caravan, belonging to the Red Brotherhood, captured elvish hunters in the nearby forest." The spawn spot is between Laria and Whitestag castle.

They are the only Noldor troop that can be recruited from prisoners. It will not be seen in Noldor patrols nor armies, as they are still practicing and improving, so Noldor keep them away from battle until they are good enough to be upgraded and show Noldor's potential.

Note: Since 3.9 you can obtain these in several new ways:

This is the basic unit of the Noldor and upgrades to Noldor Warrior for 80 d.