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The Noldor, found in the forests east of Laria, work a bit differently than the other minor factions. While you are seeking to destroy all other factions, you must gain the trust and friendship of the Noldor.

The Noldor are indeed elves, but do not possess magic. Their equipment, however, still bears enchantments and is thus some of the most powerful in the game. Your alliance with them will ensure access to their extremely powerful troops (usually in exchange for Qualis Gems).

Humans have very little understanding of the Noldor culture and hierarchy. There are currently four known lords, namely Aeldarian, Ithilrandir, Faergwethanir and Caelvanir, however only Aeldarian and Ithilrandir spawn on the map with their Noldor armies. Aeldarian has a speech (when he is friendly to the player) in which he mentions Faergwethanir: "Good to see you (player name). Lord Faergwethanir spoke highly of you just yesterday." The Noldor have one fief remaining in Pendor, the hidden fortress of Elacrai, which the player can access after completing a quest from Quigfen in Laria (see below).

They start at -30 relations with the player and are enemies of the five major kingdoms, all minor factions and all Knighthood Orders, except with the Order of the Silvermist Rangers, which they are allies with.

Having relations with them at 30 or higher is one requisite to fully win the game.


Noldor troops are insanely powerful, this is due to their high stats, their Noldor Composite bows that have the highest range with huge damage, accuracy, range and shot speed, the Noldor Arrows which are the best arrows, adding 10 to damage, their good quality armors and swords, their tough shields and to conclude, the fastest horses. Surprisingly they don't have any polearm such as spears even though their main enemy is said to be the Jatu. All of their troops are always equipped with bow, arrows and a 1 handed sword with shield or a 2 handed sword.

Troop Tree
Proficiencies Non-Noble Noble
1st tier (150) Noldor Hunter
2nd tier (300) Noldor Warrior
3rd tier (400) Noldor Ranger
4th tier (500) Noldor Noble Noldor Maiden Ranger
5th tier (600) Noldor Twilight Knight

Note: Only nobles are mounted troops. The bow is the same within all the noldor units, so are the arrows. The armor, helmet, gloves and boots does improve when raising up in tiers.


Aeldarian and Ithilrandir are unique Noldor lords that can spawn in the game. Defeating them is no longer required since you must gain favorable relations with the Noldor. Therefore, it is possible to win while they are still on the map. In fact, you can often use them to engage the Jatu armies and aid them in battle. However, it is recommended to engage to capture them, as they offer elite Custom Knighthood Order Unlockable Equipment and their Unique Weapons.

They also have patrols that will spawn in their forest, these consisting of:

Note: Since 3.9.0, both Noldor armies and all Noldor patrols will have their autocalc value doubled, meaning they will be considered twice as stronger if using autocalc against them, causing heavier casualties to the player. This however only works when Noldor are against the player, if they are with the player or the player doesn't interfere in the battle, they will perform normally.

Befriending the NoldorEdit

Your relations with the Noldor start out at -30. Quigfen's shop will become available when your relations have reached 10, same applies to hiring mercenaries from him (see next heading). The three ways to increase relations are:

  • Help the Noldor in fights. This is the easier way, since you will fight alongside the strong Noldor. Kiting them into enemies and lords can help curb a faction's power. However, once your relations with the Noldor reach 0, you will not be able to kite them, and instead will have to lure other war parties into their woods. This can raise 0-4 points for each battle (depending on how much trouble they were having), however, after supporting them in battle, run away as they may attack you.
  • Defeat the Noldor and take them prisoners, then release them through dialogue. You will gain 1 point of relation, honor (this one only for male Nobles) and renown for every Noldor you release. This can be done in one of two ways: using auto-resolve, or by giving your troops blunt weapons. This is harder than helping the Noldor, but can yield Noldor equipment and trade goods. You cannot directly attack the Noldor if your relation with them is positive. You can still join against them if they are fighting another force. Doing so yields a -1 to -4 (depending on your influence in the battle) penalty to relations with the Noldor, so you'll need at least 4 captives to break even.
  • There are 3 special books that will raise your relation with Noldor by 10 each.

Once relations with Noldor are 15 or higher, talk to Quigfen again to start Quigfen's quest. Upon completing it and having 30 or higher relationship with Noldor, Elacrai can be seen when the player gets close to it.

Fighting the NoldorEdit

Though befriending the Noldor is required for victory in Pendor, it does not mean you shouldn't want to ever fight them. Should you happen to engage Noldor in combat, there are a few ways you can actually come out ahead. Remember, Noldor are entirely archers, and the best ones in the game. Attacking without a force that can quickly close the distance will get your men slaughtered before you even reach their lines. Two things are crucial when engaging the Noldor: a lot of good cavalry and a lot of heavy-hitting units. You should have a comfortable edge in numbers as well. Also, having a lot of units using blunt weapons is a good idea to take Noldor prisoners. Despite all of this, you should always expect to take casualties.

The upside to fighting the Noldor is that if done properly the player will not set themselves back in any way with the Noldor. Capturing and freeing Noldor prisoners can not only recover whatever relations you lose when fighting them, it can even make your relations go up if you have enough prisoners. Many Noldor parties will also have huge prisoner trains, enabling you to instantly replace any troops that you lose fighting the battle.

Hiring NoldorEdit

Hire Noldor from either Quigfen, the Noldor merchant at Laria, or Arandur, the Noldor at Elacrai. Arandur is harder to reach but provides more Noldor troops. Each time you hire a group of Noldor, it will cost you 1 Qualis gem, these are the options given by both, you are given from 3 to 5 options, these being random. If the desired group isn't any of the options, just click over the portrait of Quigfen/Arandur and then "Back" to randomize it again:

Alternatively, you can also acquire Noldor troops through the gamble with a Guildmaster in any town. The player can obtain 2 Twilight Knights and 6 Rangers per gamble. Still, the player can obtain early 6 Twilight Knights and 18 Rangers losing a single Qualis Gem, with some save-scum.

Therefore, you will find this option to be the most advantageous way to hire Noldor troops, although its the most time-wasting too.

Note: Since 3.9.0, Noldor Trade Goods can be given with the Qualis Gem to increase the numbers of troops obtained by both Quigfen and Arandur by ~25%. This can only be done once per Qualis. To check real numbers, go to Noldor Trade Goods page.

Obtaining Noldor from EventsEdit

You can obtain Noldor Hunters through rescuing them from a Red Brotherhood kidnapping party. This message is shown when this event triggers: "Word from Laria is that a caravan, belonging to the Red Brotherhood, captured elvish hunters in the nearby forest.". The spawn spot is between Laria and Whitestag castle. Noldor Hunters upgrade into Noldor Warriors, that will further improve to Noldor Rangers. Noldor Hunters can also be rescued from the occasional party of Ebony Gauntlet Knights that can spawn in Empire territory near Almerra Castle.

Note: Since 3.9, Marauding Jatu Army will also have 1-10 of these Noldor Hunters as prisoners, defeating the army will allow the player to get these soldiers into his party.