3 East

These men are not your usual squires encountered in the various courts of Pendor. These men, probably of noble origin, rather than be humble servants that clean up after a knight in exchage for their teachings in the art of fighting, have travelled for a fair while around the land, gaining experience from fights they've survived and from some other tasks they've fulfilled at the promise of rewards. This allowed them to get some decent equippment, wearing nice armour, arming themselves with good weapons and buying a good horse, which is almost always some kind of hunter that they will cling to as rogue knights, should they become one.

Rather than learn combat techniques under the strict tutelage of a knight, these fighters have learned various tricks from practical experience, either by themselves or from other passing warriors. As such, they might have a surprise ready for any fight. Despite this, they are not capable of standing up against tough opponents, as their equippment might not handle it, but they could get lucky and take down their foe with a strong blow, usually from a couched lance that many bring to bear. If forced to fight on foot, expect a large number of them to die depending on the type, as many neglect to bring a sword or axe and instead only have lances and a ranged weapon. By and large though, it depends on their commander what they will do, and if they'll survive. They could stay out of the fight, but they can also serve as medium cavalry, to flank/chase the enemy, but some may decide to give these boys the ultimate test of a head on charge due to the weapons they favor. It is at this stage in their development where they decide if they want to become actual knights, or forsake thier original goal of knighthood and continue on on the path of the adventurer

They can generally be encountered in small parties led by a one or more fully fledged rogue knights or heros, and tend to comprise roughly half of Oswald de Fleur and Kodan Ironsword's companies' cavalry component. Sheik Shalavan also employs a comparitivly large number of them. 

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