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Sometimes villages will field their own small forces to assist local lords in keeping the trade routes between villages clear of banditry. Militia Recruits are the least experienced men of the group, generally only having what they personally own to use in catching and detaining the lowliest of foes, usually a knife of some kind and a club to beat outcasts senseless. It is likely that until the sheriffs and wardens leading them feel they're ready, they simply come along to help keep prisoners in line.

While obviously poor fighters in the field, they have the capacity to upgrade into either Town Militiamen (starting them down the law enforcement troop tree,) or Pendor Recruits. They can't ordinarily be recruited directly by the player, unless the player has a fief raise a milita, and even then it is not possible to recruit them directly to the party. However, they can sometimes be rescued (Alongside other lawmen) from prisoner stacks and recruited from there. They may also be seen among villagers during battles against invading forces, though they fare little better than the farmers and peasant women they fight beside.

This troop is the basic Militia troop and upgrades to Town Militiaman and Pendor Recruit for 10 d.

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