Mettenheim Regular Infantry

Mettenheim Regular Infantry are footmen that hail from the land of Mettenheim. They can be hired through Heartbeat Quests as part of a Mettenheim Mercenary Group.

These units are equipped with medium level armour and they wield either one-handed swords, maces or military picks. Additionally, some of them also equip spears and they all carry heater shields. The ones with maces provide you with a fair number of prisoners after each battle.

Overall these guys can be considered as medium tier infantry. In battle be sure to keep them together otherwise they will be easily killed by top tier troops like Legionnaires, Huscarls, Bersekers and Gladiators. Against light infantry they can hold their ground but keep them away from heavy cavalry units which will cut them down with ease.

This troop is upgraded from Mettenheim Avonteurer for 40 d and upgrades to Mettenheim Greatswords and Mettenheim Spieszknecht for 160 d.

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