Mettenheim Heavy Crossbow

Mettenheim is renowned for its marvelous understanding and manipulation of metallurgy and engineering prowess, so when it comes to the creation of siege weapons, it is no exception. Mettenheim Heavy Crossbowmen are the only ones to carry a marvelous creation, the Mettenheim Arbalest. Firing much more accurately than the siege crossbows used by the Empire, the bolts (either Mettenheim Bolts or Steel Bolts) have no difficulty piercing through any armor, even those donned by the Sarleon Knights.

Their powerful arbalest makes them skilled besiegers, outperforming the Barclay Sappers. In addition, they also pack War spears, Infantry maces, Arming swords and Military picks, always with a heater shield, to deal with enemies that are too close for them to use their arbalests. They should be well supported by infantry or cavalry, as their armor and shields are not ideal for prolonged combat. Unlike the Empire Armored Crossbowmen, they lack large board shields, which can aid them in turtling behind. As such, keep them away from melee combat unless absolutely necessary. 

They can't be seen in any Mettenheim army, not even in the Mercenary one. They will only be seen in Obrist Heynrich's army (150-250), who belongs to the Mettenheim Renegades. They can only be hired from prisoner stacks or upgrading from the previous troop. 

This troop is upgraded from Mettenheim Regular Crossbow for 160 d and upgrades no more.