Mettenheim Hauptmann

Donning heavy plate armour and bringing two-handed swords to battle. Mettenheim Hauptmänner are the elite infantry force of the Mettenheim Army and are a force to be reckoned with.

Hauptmänner are the officer class of the Greatsword regiments, and are armed in a similar manner to the Greatswords themselves. They are however better trained, and tougher.

It may be extremely difficult to distinguish a regular Greatsword from a Hauptmann, but a Hauptmann can be easily distinguished once they are in melee range. They are more likely to unhorse heavy cavalry and decimate even top-tier infantry, although Fierdsvain Huscarls may prove themselves as exceptional foes to these heavily armored individuals and Empire Legionnaires using their javelins may cause plenty of grief to a charging Mettenheim infantry who is not within melee range. Their armor is one of the toughest to get through, but come the day where Noldor Rangers and Hauptmänner meet in combat, they will have little to no chance of surviving the hail of arrows laid down by the Noldor archers on open plains.

Like all other troops of Mettenheim, they can be hired through Heartbeat Quests as part of a Mettenheim Mercenary Group.

This troop is upgraded from Mettenheim Greatswords for 200 d and upgrades to Mettenheim Forlorn Hope for 200 d.

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