Mettenheim Arbadest

The Mettenheim Arbalest is the most powerful crossbow available in the game, originiating obviously from Mettenheim. It is a disturbingly effective if slow weapon in skilled hands paired with a large bag of steel bolts to further boost its lethality.


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Weight: 5.0

Damage: 100p

Accuracy: 90

Speed rating: 45

Requires 21 Strength to wield, making it impossible for most NPCs to use without extensive leveling.

Can't be used on horseback.

The Strange Rune Bow is still the better option for those who prefer mobility or fight from horseback, as the weapon is only good for one shot while mounted and rather cumbersome on top of the slow reload speed of a crossbow.

How to ObtainEdit

The Mettenheim Arbalest is somewhat easy to obtain. One of the only ways confirmed so far aside from absolutely astounding luck in an arms shop or cheating, is joining a Knighthood Order. After reaching a certain rank or reputation, the Order Knight guarding the castle may give it to you as a weapon prototype.

Note: You will also need 350 crossbow proficiency to receive it.

The Mettenheim Arbalest is also said to obtained by a very rare drop from Mettenheim Heavy Crossbowmen.

Trivia and BugsEdit

  • It is the only crossbow in the mod that has any cranking mechanisms, but it still uses the generic reload animation.
  • Despite being a Mettenheim weapon, Mettenheim Crossbowmen aren't strong enough to wield them.However, their seniors, the Mettenheim Heavy Crossbowmen, are armed with these.
  • The model appears to be slightly misaligned; this doesn't afferct accuracy though.
  • It is made from much lighter colored wood than other crossbows.

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