Mettenheim Arbalest Stats

Shot speed: 85

The Mettenheim Arbalest is the most powerful crossbow available in Prophesy of Pendor, originating obviously from Mettenheim. It is a disturbingly effective if slow weapon in skilled hands paired with a large bag of Mettenheim bolts to further boost its lethality.
Mettenheim Arbalest
Mettenheim Arbalest 2

How to ObtainEdit

The Mettenheim Arbalest can be used by your Custom Knighthood Order, however, it needs to be unlocked. To do so, you must belong to any Knighthood Order (even your own counts), be rank 5 or higher (Knight Commander - see ranks here) and talk with the knight once your crossbow proficiency reaches 300. The knight will grant you a prototype of the weapon and will also unlock it for your Custom Knighthood Order to be equipped.

The only way to obtain another Mettenheim Arbalest is as a very rare drop from the only troop that uses it, the Mettenheim Heavy Crossbowmen, this however will not allow your CKO to use them.


  • It is the only crossbow in the mod that has any cranking mechanisms, but it still uses the generic reload animation.
  • Despite being a Mettenheim weapon, Mettenheim Crossbowmen aren't strong enough to wield them. However, their seniors, the Mettenheim Heavy Crossbowmen, are armed with these.