While not a minor faction itself roaming around the world in the hopes of achieving eternal glory and wealth, mercenaries are freelancers, fighters eager to offer their services to the highest bidders, no matter the plans or background of their would-be employers. While they do not even strive for control over Pendor and it's riches, their association with the major factions can have a major impact on how history will be written.

They are men and women from all possible backgrounds one could think of, each showing different prowess in battle. They are seen spending most of their time in taverns, waiting, drinking and eating away all their denars until they can find an opportunity to work and/or move on to a different town. They can hire out by themselves or through specific "intermediaries".

Knowing each and everyone's potential can mean the difference between victory, defeat and/or wasting a lot of money. Below are listed all the mercenaries one could encounter in the busy taverns of Pendor.


Male Mercenaries Troop tree
Tier Name
1st Sellsword
2nd Armsman Crossbowman
3rd Swordsman Armored Crossbowman
4th Scout
5th Horseman
6th Sergeant

Next release 3.XEdit

Male Mercenaries Troop tree
Tier Name
1st Townsman* Farmer**
2nd Sellsword
3rd Infantry Crossbowman
4th Warrior Horseman Armored Crossbowman
5th Sergeant Cavalryman Sharpshooter

Note: the troops that exist (non-red) will be drastically changed (to better). They just share the same names.

*Townsman can be upgraded as well to Militia Recruit.

**Farmer can be upgraded as well to Pendor Recruit.

Mercenary Troop Tree
Female Mercenaries Troop tree
Tier Name
1st Peasant Woman
2nd Maiden Scout
3rd Maiden Warder*
4th Maiden Warrior
5th Maiden Ranger
6th Maiden Cavalry**
7th Maiden Adventurer
8th Maiden Noble*** Heroine Adventurer

*This troop can also be upgraded into Veccavi Man Hunter.

**This troop can also be upgraded to Talon of the Falcon.

***This troop can be "upgraded" to Knight of the Falcon. However, in 3.8.5, the Knights of the Falcon come from Maiden Adventurer.

Noble Mercenary Troop TreeEdit

There are five different regions of noble mercenaries:

  • Northern (blue - Ravenstern)
  • Eastern (red - Sarleon)
  • Southern (yellow - Empire)
  • Western (green - Fierdsvain)
  • Foreign (brown - D'Shar)

Noble mercenaries from different regions cannot be stacked unless you choose the Adventurer upgrade at 4th tier, but the differences between each tier of noble mercenaries are negligible (1-2 HP). Like other mercenaries, noble mercenaries can be recruited in taverns. Except for the Adventurer and Hero Adventurer, the others will have equipment related to their kingom.

Noble Mercenaries Troop tree
Tier Name
1st Young Mercenary Noble
2nd Young Noble Adventurer
3rd Noble Rogue Squire
4th Adventurer Noble Rogue Knight
5th Tier Hero Adventurer

Other MercenariesEdit

Several other troops may be found and recruited as mercenaries:

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