3.8.4 and older versions Edit

Mercenary Sergeant
3.8.4 and older versions

A Mercenary Horseman who have proven his worth on the field of battle, will be allowed to advance into the rank of Sergeant. The increased wages he will now receive means that he can buy stronger armor and better weapons, though the promotion have brought some Sergeants to drop their helmets.

While some of them claims that this is to give them a better vision of the field and to prevent the helmet clouding their orders, most of the mercenaries still believe it is caused by the Sergeant's new found cockiness, since a dead Sergeant can't give any orders at all.

It is not recommended for long runs as their performance is way lower than their wage cost, making them fine for some quick battles or skirmishes, but should be replaced for a better and non-mercenary troop.

Note: this troop is a mercenary, meaning their salary is 33% higher.

This troop is upgraded from Mercenary Horseman for 160 d and upgrades no more.

3.9 version Edit

Mercenary Sergeant 3.9

The weakling this fighter was is no more. These soldiers are the finest men from Pendor, and will fight even for heretics if they are offered denars for it.

They use a wide variety of throwing weapons and melee weapons, the former being Jarids, Broad Head Throwing Spears, War Darts and Heavy Throwing Axes, whilst the latter are Sarleon Knight Longsword, Silvered Longsword, Knight War Axe, Military Hammer, Warhammer and War Spear. They will always have a thrown weapon and at least a melee weapon (rarely 2), and always a shield. Their equipment is very diverse as well, with them having helmets and boots of all kingdoms, but what makes them be recognizable is that they will all use a Coat of Plates, the only thing varying between them is the color of these, as it may be Green, Blue, Yellow, Red or Black.

They will beat with ease most of the infantry troops of all kingdoms, as they constantly train themselves to improve more and more, as the stronger they are, the better wages they can ask for.

They learnt from the past and these experienced fighters will now always use a helmet, as all those cocky helmless sergeants now have some bolt/arrow crossing their cocky head. Only the smarter ones live.

Note: this troop is a mercenary, meaning their salary is 100% higher.

This troop is upgraded from Mercenary Warrior for 160 d and upgrades no more.