Mercenary Scout

A new addition to the mercenary troop tree that was added in 3.7-3.8, the Scouts act as the bottom rung of the Mercenary's career as a cavalryman, and for any mercenary-heavy force, likely makes up a significant chunk of the cavalry in absence of rogue knights or adventurers of either gender.

Astride unarmored mounts and bearing a shield, one handed weapon, potentially some javelins or throwing spears, and either a lance or spear, they are passable mid-tier light-medium cavalry and can even serve as competent infantry if needed, though thier best use is in flanking attacks, distractions, and breaking up blobs of infantry to an extent. Still, for thier upgrade price and thier general utility in open battles as distractions and flankers, one could certainly do worse.

This troop is upgraded from Mercenary Swordsman for 40 d and upgrades into Mercenary Horseman for 80 d, and is where fielding mercenaries can start to get a tad expensive for what you get.

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